Unchain my heart, baby let me be                          釋放我的心,Baby 讓我去吧
Unchain my heart,cause you don't care about me    釋放我的心,因為你不在乎我
You've got me sewed up like a pillow case            你把我綁住像個枕套
But you let my love go to waste                              你把我的愛白白浪費掉
So unchain my heart                                            釋放我的心
Baby set me free                                                 Baby 讓我自由

Unchain my heart, baby let me go                              釋放我的心,Baby 讓我走
Unchain my heart, cause you don't love me no more    釋放我的心,因為你不再愛我
Every time I call you on the phone                             每一次我打電話給你
Something tell me that you're not at home                  你總是不在
So unchain my heart                                                 釋放我的心
Baby set me free                                                       Baby讓我自由

I'm under your spell                     我為你迷惑
Like a man in a trance                像個行屍走肉
But I know darn well                    但我已清醒
That I don't  stand a chance       不再只追求可能

Unchain my heart                                       釋放我的心
Let me go my way                                      讓我過自己的生活
Unchain my heart                                       釋放我的心
You worry me night and day                         你讓我提心吊膽
Why lead me through a life of misery             為何不讓我脫離苦海
When you don't care a thing for me                當你不再在乎我
So unchain my heart                                     釋放我的心
Baby set me free  Baby                                 讓我自由

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